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Robb Bank$’s debut mixtape Calendars was a strong showing, but also set up a lot of barriers for him to overcome.  With tumblr being the primary medium of Bank$’s climb to internet pseudo-fame, all of his Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z references, and the two Clams Casino beats it was easy to overlook Robb’s skill and talent and listen to Calendars as a tumblr page in audio form.  The thing is, Robb Bank$ is actually much more than that.  He has an almost seamless flow, the intangible necessities of being a rapper, good lyrics, and a silky smooth and distinctive voice all at the ripe age of 17.  Now Bank$ is finally back with a fantastic original Spaceghostpurrp beat (who’s talent can also overshadowed by image) for a single that tears most of his previous catalog apart.  Robb Bank$ is clearly heavily instilled with current youth culture, which can make it difficult to take him seriously, but I hope with tracks like this people will see that he actually has a huge amount of talent and potential for longevity as well.

UPDATE: Stream and download the full almost 6 minute long song below.


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