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I don’t know if you read the novel Ender’s Game when you were a kid, but I sure as hell did, which is why I had to listen to this when I saw it.  Luckily M|O|D member Trap Arnold made a track that is just as awesome as the book was.  With “EndersGame” Trap Arnold has done a great job of maintaining his distinct Future Trap style with rolling high hats etc. without drawing too much attention away from the song’s beautifully spacious chords and delicate melodies.  If I were ever to be floating in space, controlling a giant army with my brain, I would want this song to be playing in the background.


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Future Trap is a very interesting idea.  It’s easy to dismiss a bunch of young producers who most likely belong to the middle-class trying to breathe new unique life into a genre born out of dangerous Southern slums and crime culture as a soon-to-pass “hipster trend”.  Although this may be true, I think the young genre has more merit and value to it than that.  Future Trap producers like C.Z. or Lil’ Texas are taking the rolling hi-hats, and more importantly the extremely high energy style of Trap music like Waka Flocka and introducing the synths, intricacies, and extreme attention to detail of electronic genres such as House and Bass Music to it, and I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.  C.Z. is one of my favorite Future Trap producers right now.  His aggressive behavior-inducing remix of Ace Hood and Rick Ross’ trap anthem “Realist Livin'” is simple yet energy filled and showcases an intricately and incredibly produced drum track, and his song “Wheezin Ed” shows how beautifully Trap beats and James Blake-esque synths can blend together.  Below you can stream C.Z.’s “Realist Livin'” remix and “Wheezin Ed” and link to his Soundcloud page below that…



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Khris P KReam has already earned himself praise as a producer, specifically for being one of the biggest talents working in the resurgence of trap that is coming out right now.  His newest mixtape, YES, has Khris stepping out from solely the role of producer as he takes to the mic to deliver some quality verses.  Khris’ rapping isn’t tailor made to blow your mind or make you change your perception on rap but it does the job flowing with the beats and sets a unique vibe for the album.  There aren’t many rappers pulling off making good music quite like Khris with his style tied closely to the same southern rap vibe that produced some of my least favorite rappers (I have to admit such jams like ‘Throw Some D’s’ have grown on me since middle school though… the beat is pretty sick).  For the best dirty southern rap mixtape this year check out YES.

Mixtape: Khris P KReam- YES


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