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Most buzzing rappers these days make it after one of their videos goes viral on the blogosphere and is able to show off their unique style and image.  Now the incredibly talented Vince Staples has his own ‘Purple Swag’/‘Yonkers’ with this video for ‘Matlock’.  Listening to Vince’s deadpan and rich flow is paired perfectly with the grainy, black and white style of this video.  The dark vibe of the video is taken even further as a clips of riot footage are projected on to Vince and Michael.  Shyne Coldchai Vol. 1 has already proved Vince to be one of the best rappers making music right now, hopefully this video will help more people realize it.


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And the Staples-Uzowuru tracks keep coming.  This time, Michael Uzowuru provides some dark Neptunes-influenced production which strays from the sample-based style of his previous work with Vince.  Vince puts the beat to use, providing a narrative that paints an increasingly common problem in society.  I have to give it up to Vince Staples for doing a great part of breaking out of the role that he was typecast into with “epar” with Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1  and other singles he has put out, he has shown that he is not just a rapper consumed with being offensive, but has many thoughts floating through his verses.



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One of my favorite duos in hip-hop right now is back with another great track.  Vince Staples’ debut mixtape, Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1 surprised a lot of people who associated him too closely with Odd Future by having a lot of throw back west coast gangsta rap-sounding beats instead of the Neptunes-influenced beats people know Odd Future for.  Now, Michael Uzowuru provides a fantastic swing-heavy gangsta rap instrumental that Vince Staples tears apart with as much swagger and personality as ever.  I really hope these two have a full project in the works because “Versace Rap”, “Gold Chain Ricky”, and now “Matlock” have all been amazing.



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