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I don’t know if you read the novel Ender’s Game when you were a kid, but I sure as hell did, which is why I had to listen to this when I saw it.  Luckily M|O|D member Trap Arnold made a track that is just as awesome as the book was.  With “EndersGame” Trap Arnold has done a great job of maintaining his distinct Future Trap style with rolling high hats etc. without drawing too much attention away from the song’s beautifully spacious chords and delicate melodies.  If I were ever to be floating in space, controlling a giant army with my brain, I would want this song to be playing in the background.


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Excluding a few leaks and remixes, it has been just about a year since Gold Panda has dropped any new material.  Today, Gold Panda has finally returned with a new single ‘Mountain / Financial District’ which shows that the wait was worth it.  The oriental influences on stand-out ‘Mountain’ aren’t exactly hard to find.  The same eastern flavor that tinged his releases like Lucky Shiner are out in full force with less emphasis on the glitch and beat sides of his music.  Of course, this is still Gold Panda so plenty of glitch breaks up what would be a straight ambient soundscape.  The production on this track is probably the most noticeably change in Gold Panda’s sound.  The mesh of instrumentation sounds great on this release.  The mp3’s can be grabbed here and stream ‘Mountain’ below…


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For the first taste of his soon to be released Daydreaming LP, Andras Fox spins a disco-infused track entitled ‘That’s All’.  I don’t think disco will ever have a full-scale revival, however, when small elements of the genre are incorporated into new tracks like this one the genre is still alive as ever.  ‘That’s All’ is just as deeply routed in beat music with vocal samples popping in and out of the mix and the track barely reaching over two minutes in length.  Stream and download the track below and listen to more Andras Fox at his soundcloud


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