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I am not a fan of the new trend for musicians to name their projects random numbers, symbols or in other odd manners (oOoOO, tUnE-yArDs etc.).  However, the hype and talent behind the mysterious The Log.OS project is hard to ignore.  These past two years have given some great revolutions to the stagnant r&b genre with The Weeknd and Frank Ocean dominating blogs and the charts, however, The Log.OS’ take and use of the genre is even more alluring.  The Log.OS lace their music with splashes of bass, atmosphere, jazz and electronics without ever abusing the reverb effect.  It’s hard to compare their music to anything really, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Log.OS have listened to SBTRKT, Flying Lotus or even The xx.  The vocals on some of these tracks are really stunning and are one of most distinctive parts of their style.  Download the album below…

Download: The Log.OS- λόγος


The Internet is easily the most interesting act to come out of Odd Future.  Odd Future has built a reputation from not having any filter on what they say and their loud, energetic performances so The Internet’s mellow r&b comes as a big surprise.  The track ‘Love Song -1’ was a short sample of what the group would do and ‘They Say’ lives up to exactly what we could have hoped.  The production is understated and gorgeous with Syd’s soft vocals as the track’s centerpiece.  Stream and download below…


This is a great song for all of the people who think of Odd Future as Tyler, Earl and no one else.  Two of Odd Future’s members who tend to stay out of the spotlight, Syd and Matt Martians (of Super3 and Jet Age of Tomorrow) have teamed up to form a spacey r&b group called The Internet.  For their first song, Matt has put together a simple but artfully crafted beat that doesn’t stand out to much, as it shouldn’t because hooooly shit, Syd has a really good voice.  Ever since Odd Future was a group of rebellious kids in LA that no one cared about, Syd has done a lot of work (mixing all of the group’s music) but stayed behind the scenes, but now she is front-and-center on this track and plays the part fantastically.  With Syd’s delicate and beautifully melodic voice and Matt’s simple but unique beats, The Internet definitely deserves to be turning some heads, and I’m sure they will when their just-finished LP drops.  Stream/download below…


Everything that makes The Weeknd’s melodrama-soaked r&b so appealing is shown in spades with ‘The Birds (Part 1)’.  The beat is intense, the singing is emotional and the lyrics paint the picture of someone egotistical and breaking down.  The ballerina featuring video is a great representation and incredibly cinematic.


A while back The Weeknd announced they were planning on releasing two more mixtapes this year after their already spectacular House of BalloonsYesterday the guys dropped the album art for Thursday so people were speculating that Thursday would drop today.  While all signs point to the mixtape dropping soon it looks like we’ll still have to wait a little longer for some melancholy r&b that the blogosphere can’t get enough of.  Stream ‘Rolling Stone’ below which is rumored to appear on the mixtape…

Update: Turns out my “little longer” estimation was actually literally minutes as the band just leaked the mixtape.  Download it at the band’s website which has been flooded with so many views that it’s been down.


Experimental r&b has been a prominent part of the blogosphere as of late and among the leaders of that trend is How to Dress Well.  Last year, the project released the acclaimed album Love Remains which found the lo-fi artist in a wave of hype and Tom Krell has decided to follow up that effort with this 4-track EP.  The concept behind the EP is to approach past tracks with an orchestral sound for just this one time.  Gone are the lo-fi beats and in their place is a wash of orchestration and string.  Streaming below is ‘Suicide Dream 3’ which sounds pretty awesome with the fresh approach.  Check out the rest of the EP at his bandcamp.


Detailing and examining the influential life of Gil Scott-Heron, who died yesterday, is something that I really am not in a position to do.  However, like most people, the music of Scott-Heron has had a large impact on what music I have listened to.  Even for those who have never heard Scott-Heron’s work, his influence and style can be heard in the genre of rap which he is credited with sparking.  Whether he is crooning over stripped down instrumentation or delivering fast-paced, spoken word lyrics, Scott-Heron is a master of his craft and will be incredibly missed.  After the jump we will be putting up some of our favorite tracks by and featuring Gil Scott-heron.  R.I.P.

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