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SBTRKT is one of the biggest forces in bass music right now, so it’s no surprised that the producer-centric blogosphere is going crazy over his latest leak ‘Gamelena’.  Working more as an announcement that he’s working in the studio again than as a proper single, ‘Gamelena’ shows off some experimenting and tinkering coming from  SBTRKT.  With the bird chirps and the low croaking bass thrown in the mix, ‘Gamelena’ sounds like an electronic jungle at times… which is just as cool as it sounds.  If this track really is just a teaser to  what he has coming up, his next release is set to be great.


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I am a huge fan of noise-punk rockers No Age, so when Sunik (a.k.a. Beat Culture) claimed Slates were like No Age I was incredibly excited.  Slates is most certainly a lo-fi/trashy EP, however, it owes just as much to electronic music as it does to noise.  Throughout the 5-tracks, Slates shows off an incredibly diversity and maturity in song writing.  Some songs experiment in dubstep and even trance.  Stream the EP below and download it for free over at their bandcamp.


This is a track that I completely missed the first time around, dropping last November, but with a track this good it’s better late than never.  ‘Hope’ is a minimal dub track that impressed me on the first listen.  Everything is very stripped down and repetitive, however, for the 6 minutes Munchi adds subtle touches and flourishes that make it an incredibly stunning and interesting listen.  The track was released on a mix called Blow Your Head Vol. 2, dedicated towards loud and bass-heavy music that might just make your head explode.  While ‘Hope’ may seem out of place with it’s subtlety and experimentation, it’s exactly the kind of electronic that I’m really digging.


Throughout this year, the work of Jamie XX has slowly gained increased hype and praise with his many remixes and Gil Scott-Heron remix album, We’re New Here.  ‘Far Nearer’ is one of the first entirely original tracks I’ve heard from Jamie and it has left quick the impression.  The 7-minute jam builds on minimal instrumentation and, while never over complicating itself, turns into a great summer track.  At points the track sounds like a tropicalia infused Burial track, which is pretty awesome.  This track has been floating around for a while now, but the one below is the final version that is being released as a single with the track ‘Beat For’.  Stream below.

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My excitement for James Blake’s self-titled release (which drops in 5 days!!) has now reached an all time high with the latest video for Blake’s Wilhelm Scream.  Wilhelm Scream is easily among the most unique and powerful tracks that I have heard all year.  Over minimal electronics and with distorted and layered vocal’s Blake builds an amazing melody from repeating the phrase “I don’t know about my dreams/I don’t know about my dreaming anymore/All that I know is I’m falling, falling, falling.”  It is definitely the best track I have heard from Blake and it highlights everything great about his music.  Many people have definitely started to see dubstep as a stale genre and James Blake’s new take on the style is invigorating and fantastic.  The video is a much simpler and equally as powerful piece.  Blake’s face is washed over with film distortion and revealed on for short glimpses creating a sense of privacy and mystery.  Like all his work, it is obvious that Wilhelm Scream is an incredibly personal and emotional piece for Blake and I can’t wait to fully delve into his album.


Heres the newest track off of We’re New Here, Jamie XX and Gil Scott-Heron’s collaborative remix project of Scott-Heron’s recent album I’m New Here.  This one is more low-key than “New York Is Killing Me” and I really like it.  Jamie XX creates a lush but calm background for some soulful singing from Scott-Heron that shows that he’s still got the pipes after all these years.  You can Pre-order We’re New Here HERE and stream it AT POST-DUBSTEP.


One of the pioneers of dubstep, Skream, just released a new album this Christmas.  Personally, I like my dubstep as distorted, twisted, and dark as possible, so this is great for me.  All of these tracks are really hard-hitting so if you were planning on having a nice, low-key evening don’t listen to this.  It’s always awesome when established, popular artists give away some music for free, and it seems to be happening more and more often lately, especially around the holiday season.  Download via Mediafire below…

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