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After hearing his remix of Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Drop’, I knew that I wanted to kick-off our new mixtape series with a mix from Jonathan of Tako Tomago.  His Hydro EP is still one of my favorite surprise releases this year as it is probably one of the most convincing examples of a (I honestly never thought I would say this) ‘post-genre’ release.  Although he’s making some left-field, r&b tinged, synth-pop, Tako Tomago decided to make a hip-hop heavy mix with a lot of edits and mixing thrown in.  To keep the mix fresh, Tako Tomago made sure that “pretty much every song on the tape is an edit so even if you’ve heard the song you’ve got something new to enjoy.” On top of the edits he even throws in an ASAP Rocky remix and an original demo to close everything off.  This tape is the first of hopefully many to come and we couldn’t have asked for a better tape.  Hit the jump for the download link, track list and a quick interview we conducted with Jonathan…

Download: Silver Serums Mix

Silver Serums:

(Silver Serumz Intro)
Drank In My Cup Remix – Two Chainz (Ft. Koko Bangs)
A.D.H.D – Kendrick Lamar
Oblivion (Tako Tomago Edit) – Grimes
Glory – Domo Genesis
Mercy – 2 Chainz (Ft. Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T)
Obedear – Purity Ring
Goldie (Tako Tomago Remix) – ASAP Rocky
Robbie Tryna Touch a Million (Tako Tomago Edit) – Squadda B
Diamond of God (Tako Tomago Edit) – Main Attrakionz
Sex & Lust (Tako Tomago Edit) – SpaceGhostPurrp
Prozac (Tako Tomago Edit) – Alexander Spit (feat. Anna Henscey)
Perfect Skies – Main Attrakionz
Kylie (Demo) – Tako Tomago

How did you start making music?

Jonathan: I started making music really young, playing drums and piano in a middle school Garage band i started with two of my Best friends. One night, we needed an intro for our live set so I mashed-up Sit Down (Stand Up) by Radiohead and sounds of Whales calling out to each other for an epic effect. My interest in electronic music just started rolling from that one experiment. My friend Garrett heard some of my beats and came down a couple time from where he lived to produce with me in FruityLoops/ Garageband. He showed me Madlib, Dilla, Quasimoto …. all the Stones Throw stuff .. and I pretty much just kept making beats and developing my sound everyday.

 What are some of your plans with Tako Tomago?

Jonathan: I started Tako Tomago almost exactly a year ago as a way to spotlight the more abstract, experimental side of my creativity rather than pure Synth Pop I was doing. I’m currently recording my first LP as Tako Tomago, which will be out sometime after Summer in 2012. After that, I don’t really have any concrete plans besides the fact that I’d love to tour and really make the album something that’s internationally accepted as a fun little place to dwell no matter where you’re from or what you’re going through.

What was your process like making this mix?

Jonathan: With Silver Serums, my attempt is to exhibit a collection of songs that really put me in that special place, floating above my daily life and problems. Every song on the tape has some sort of unquantifiable element that makes me feel warm and happy to be alive. As if they were “serums” being injected into my ears, an undeniable wave of joy.  I made my own intros and atmospherics on the songs to reflect that clouded, silvery landscape they seem to exist in. Especially with Goldie, I think everyone hears that choir and gets this epic dropping feeling in their chest- but what about all the other sounds in A$AP’s Golden Kingdom!  Everything was mixed in Logic Pro and Ableton Live.

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