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Future Trap is a very interesting idea.  It’s easy to dismiss a bunch of young producers who most likely belong to the middle-class trying to breathe new unique life into a genre born out of dangerous Southern slums and crime culture as a soon-to-pass “hipster trend”.  Although this may be true, I think the young genre has more merit and value to it than that.  Future Trap producers like C.Z. or Lil’ Texas are taking the rolling hi-hats, and more importantly the extremely high energy style of Trap music like Waka Flocka and introducing the synths, intricacies, and extreme attention to detail of electronic genres such as House and Bass Music to it, and I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.  C.Z. is one of my favorite Future Trap producers right now.  His aggressive behavior-inducing remix of Ace Hood and Rick Ross’ trap anthem “Realist Livin'” is simple yet energy filled and showcases an intricately and incredibly produced drum track, and his song “Wheezin Ed” shows how beautifully Trap beats and James Blake-esque synths can blend together.  Below you can stream C.Z.’s “Realist Livin'” remix and “Wheezin Ed” and link to his Soundcloud page below that…



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