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I stopped myself from re-watching a video by the latest polarizing “rapper” (who’s name is already big enough on the blogosphere) to watch this new video from Danny Brown that has me easily and uncontroversial won over.  How could a track like this go wrong?  With Detroit’s hottest current rapper over a beat from Detroit’s most legendary producer, ‘Jay-Dee’s Revenge’ is as good as it promises it should be.  J Dilla’s musical influence is everywhere in music these days so hearing an actual original beat from him reminds me just why an album like Donuts is untouchable.  Danny Brown doesn’t hold back at all either.  Considering how he can even pull of a track that is… uplifting, I wouldn’t have been too surprised if Brown had decided to tackle the Dilla beat with restraint.  Instead, we get the full force of the same Danny Brown that made XXX one of the best mixtapes of last year.  Respect for Detroit.


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