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The Up-Turn

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Although there are many great producers and instrumental makers scattered around soundcloud, good rappers tend to be few and far between.  Luckily, I had the pleasure of stumbling over MapleSyrup’s music the other day.  Maple is an 18 year old rapper who relies very little on image (the only ones you can really find associated with him on the internet are mostly Dragon Ball Z screen shots) and very much on musical content.  Although MapleSyrup is definitely formidable on the mic, one of his talents that stands out the most to me is his ear for beats.  His sporadic soundcloud releases have beats from some awesome underground beat-makers (especially “This Song Is a Sandwich”), and on his mixtape SURP he collects beats from artists ranging from Clipse to Baths and Emay.  In the social networking age where half of a rapper’s potential is determined by internet presence, MapleSyrup is a well-needed breath of fresh air.  Stream “This Song Is a Sandwich” below and his mixtape SURP below that.


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