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If I had to make a guide with tips on becoming a buzz band, Sunless ’97 would probably fulfill all my requirements and suggestions.  1.) unique yet familiarly pop-centric sound, 2.) quirky instrumentation and vocals, 3.) cool name, 4.) use of saxophone solos.  Beyond exuding the kind of hipster coolness necessarily to make it in the blogosphere, Sunless ’97 are really good at what they do.  Above all else these guys are writing incredibly distinctive compositions with lots of great ideas and atmosphere.  The group already has an EP under their belt with Making Waves and their most recent track shows that they are only getting better.  ‘Body Weather’ is the kind of track that deserves to be spread all across the wide reaches of the blogosphere.  Listen to more music over at the group’s soundcloud

Sunless ’97- Body Weather:


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