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If you’ve been following Beach Fossils’ side-project Dive you’ve probably already heard the earth shattering news that they have been renamed DIIV.  Along with the announcement of the name change, DIIV also released their newest single ‘Doused’ which shows that they only way they’ve really changed is by getting better.  The sound hasn’t changed all that much at all.  ‘Doused’ is reverby guitar-rock in its purest form with the drums, bass and singing really only serving as accents to all the great guitar work.  That said, the other instruments aren’t being push overs.  The bass and drums are frantically pulsing and pushing the track along while the vocals drop in and out delivering more atmosphere to the already atmosphere-soaked track.  Don’t disregard DIIV as being another beachy, reverb-heavy, generic, indie-rock band.


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