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Like a lot of people (hipsters*) my only full exposure to the music of Phil Elverum is his music as The Microphones and really only his album The Glow pt. 2.  Although he’s stopped producing as The Microphones, Elverum is still recording as Mount Eerie and is prepping to drop a new album later this year.  ‘Lone Bell’ is one of the first singles from the album and it sounds like a track that would haven’t been too out of place on The Glow pt. 2.  If anything, the production value has gone way up since that album and the earthy instrumentation only sounds better for it.  I’m especially digging the bass and piano sound in this track as everything slowing builds up as the track progresses.  ‘Lone Bell’ is nothing short of a stunner and has me very excited to hear Clear Moon when it drops later this year.


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