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You may remember back in 2010 when Animal Collective hosted an extremely avant-garde and psychedelic art exhibit at New York’s Guggenheim museum, now, for Record Store Day 2012, Animal Collective have released the soundtrack to the exhibit.  As expected, Transverse Temporal Gyrus is very abstract and atmospheric.  This isn’t the first time Animal Collective has released something like this, the soundtrack to their movie ODDSAC is very ambient as well, but whereas ODDSAC had more classically structured songs like “Tantrum Barb” sprinkled throughout, Transverse Temporal Gyrus almost completely leaves that out.  Although its interesting to see what sounds go through Animal Collectives’ heads when they aren’t recording a normal LP, I can’t see myself going back and listening to this very frequently, and I’m just anticipating their upcoming followup to Merriweather Post Pavilion even more now.  Click the jump below to listen to the LP.


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