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(Beat Culture and PK doing dude stuff)

The most recent track we heard from Beat Culture, “Slow Flight”, was a bit of a departure from his usual bright style, using more dark and turbulent sounds, and including a vocal part by Tyler Burton of vyxor.  As much as I enjoyed and was impressed by “Slow Flight”, “Useless” points back towards Beat Culture’s usual warm and dense sound and I’m loving it.  He has neatened up his sound a little bit with a cleaner mix, while still layering a multitude of different synth noises.  Also, Beat Culture’s sample chopping skills are better than ever.  Manipulating what sounds like only 2 or 3 second vocal sample, Beat Culture creates an almost flawless melody that stands completely on its own.  Beat Culture has a couple of upcoming releases planned, including an EP with Tree, so be on the lookout for him over the summer.


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