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Soundcloud is an absolute haven for great beatmakers and producers.  Just to further prove that fact to myself, today I decided to start following some artists based of their name and picture.  One of the most eye-catching artists had a classic photo of Batman and Robin as his picture and goes by L▲nguⓘd (Languid) who turns out to be a Zimbabwean beatmaker based in Britain who just dropped a new mixtape today entitled Soulness Side Two.  At first listen, Languid’s sample-based sound didn’t jump out as something of a rare find on soundcloud but as the music progressed his style became easier to distinguish.  Every one of Languid’s tracks was recorded using only chops which he has proudly demonstrated by performing every one of the tracks live.  The result is a mixtape of glitchy, J Dilla-esque beats which can be downloaded over at his bandcamp.  Two of the tracks on the mixtape come from Negrosaki who’s style fits in with the rest of the tape.  Stream Souless Side Two below…


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