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I have only recently picked up on the incredible producer that is Knxwledge, but I’m just glad I did now, because he is being extremely prolific as of late, releasing new short projects almost every other week.  His most recent one is karma.loops.prt.1 which he released on April Fools Day.  The short EP is jam packed with warped vinyl samples with a thick layer of static dust and classic boom-bap drums.  Knxwledge is really refreshing because while many internet rap producers in a similar vein to him can be easily compared to Flying Lotus’ work at some point, Knxwledge has his own clear lane of unique hip hop that he executes really well.  You can stream karma.loops.prt.1 below and download for $5 on his bandcamp. My favorite tracks include “FewDays[FueNytes]” and “Loavlee[fillngs]”.


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