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There are plenty of ways Mister Lies could have gone about building a song around the central warped sample featured in ‘Cleam’.  On the track, Mister Lies found a clip instantly catchy yet unrecognizable enough so that it can be considered audio gold.  However, Mister Lies doesn’t mistreat the sample and build a fast-paced track with that same phrase repeated over and over until no hipster ever has a chance of letting it escape their mind.  Instead, Mister Lies crafts an enormous, warm track that hinges on the pure pop-bliss of the sample.  ‘Cleam’ never forces anything into the listeners ears or tries too hard.  Everything sounds organic and Mister Lies manages to create unresolved tension at the very end of the track that urges anyone with nothing else to do to hit the replay button just to hear “make a move” one more time.  Listen to more Mister Lies at his soundcloud and stream his Hidden Neighbors EP over at his bandcamp


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