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I’ve been posting a lot of music lately that I’ve claimed could qualify as a springtime jam, however, I can guarantee that this new banger from Soft Care will last all the way through the coming summer.  ‘Girls’ is the first single to drop from the California-based project Soft Care and there couldn’t be a better track to introduce us to the good moods and vibes of Devon Geyer.  A lot of indie-bands play synth-pop and not all of them do it well, Soft Care most definitely do it well.  Most people will probably be won over in the song’s first 5 seconds and the next 3 minutes of music only serve to validate the initial gush of happiness everyone will experience when they put the song on.  It may be nighttime while I’m posting this track, however, I’m sure that the first time I play it tomorrow when the sun’s out I’ll search for the closest water source to go swimming in.


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