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I can’t post every single beatmaker out there who makes a soundcloud and pumps out some abstract yet forgettable 808 hip-hop beats.  Nvthlss is not one of those beatmakers, instead, with his ep2 tape, Nvthlss makes beats that are anything but forgettable.  The sounds have a clear Parisian vibe to them that any one will be able to pick up even if he didn’t have song titles like ‘je veux manger des pancakes tous les dimanches du reste de ma vie’ or ‘penser à ne plus rêvasser’.  With 5 tracks in under 6 minutes, ep2 is a fantastically short beat trip that serves as almost one coherent track.  In those 6 minutes, Nvthlss is able to establish a strong sound and personality that other beatmakers can’t do in full-length releases.  Nvthlss definitely shares some similarities to Hanz (imagine if Hanz’ Atlanta lurch was replaced with a Parisian dreaminess).  Listen to more music at his soundcloud or bandcamp and stream ep2 below…


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