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The idea of hip-hop artists trying to bring back the sounds of the “golden age of hip-hop” has pretty much been played to death so an old school reverent track called ‘Hi Top Fade’ just shouldn’t work.  After the track’s first second it’s pretty clear that Mont Brown aren’t content to just try and recreate the past using an incredibly raw, bass heavy beat that Q-Tip would never take on.  Sure, the track’s verses by Pace-O Beats, Chill Moody and Theodore Grams all have shout-outs to Tribe Called Quest, Nas and Snoop but they aren’t trying to ignore the past decade of hip-hop either.  The standout verse comes from Theodore Grams who sounds comfortable and effortless over the huge beat, able to pay his respect to 90s greats while still establishing his own personality.  And of course the hook is pretty hard to forget too, “who’s that bumping in your boombox?”


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