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I haven’t been wowed by much acoustic music this year so I was pleasantly surprised to find this submission from Blown a Wish the project of musician John Schoneman.  Finger-picked guitar melodies and layered vocal harmonies aren’t exactly the most novel ideas in music at this point, however, Blown a Wish just does it so damn well that it’s impossible to deny.  Comparisons can easily be made to Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver but that would be selling his music short as it stands on its own.  Opening track ‘Out on the Street’ fades in softly with Schoneman hanging on his wordless vocals for over a minute setting the tone for an entire EP of delicate and intimate songs.  It’s music that sounds like it should have been recorded by a band but is too personal to be the product of anything else other than the work of one inspired musician.


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