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Forgetting all the micro-trends of the past few years, one of the most important recent musical movements has been the humanization of electronic music.  Sure we’ve had synth-pop for a while now but electronic music has changed a lot since the icy robotic sound of Kraftwerke with one of the most important releases being Animal Collective’s emotion driven Merriweather Post Pavillion.  With their Jahnimal EP, Noir Cœur have stricken the same sort of emotional gold as Animal Collective did in 2009.  Over 5-tracks, Noir Cœur craft a fantastic sound that relies on the strength of the singers just as much as the warm backing instrumentation.  It’s a sound that is missing from your typical chill-wave artist and it’s earning the group some well deserved buzz around the blogosphere.  Download the tape over at Noir Cœur’s bandcamp and hear more music at their soundcloud.


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