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Detroit rapper Danny Brown can be described as a lot of things including unpredictable, funny, bold and unique.  One thing I never thought I’d describe him as though is inspirational.  I’m usually not a big fan of any rap that is labelled as inspirational, socially conscious or preachy, however, Danny Brown is able to pull off a pretty emotional track with ‘Grown Up’.  On XXX, Danny Brown covered dark topics from drug addiction to poverty while also finding plenty of humor to weave into his verses.  On ‘Grown Up’, Brown tackles the much more personal topic of his maturation from schoolkid to drug-dealer to the lovable, skinny jean-wearing rapper we all know now.  Brown is able to hit hard with some great lines about cap’n’crunch dinners and school and has a pretty great hook with “whoever thought I’d be the greatest growing up?”  It’s a song littered with topics that should be cliche, however, Danny Brown  pulls it off well.  Follow the link below to download ‘Grown Up’…

mp3: Danny Brown- Grown Up


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