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The world of beat-music is easily the most diverse and interesting musical scenes to watch evolve.  The newest beatsmith to grad my attention is the project of Columbus musician John Hastings Rumtum.  Rumtum is crafting some great vibes with his two beat tapes he put out for free on soundcloud, each about 16-minutes long.

Rumtum- Beat Tape 2:

In his compositions, Rumtum utilizes an array of instruments I can’t name to create some seriously unique soundscapes.  One of the more noteworthy sections (from 5:37 to around 8:44 of Beat Tape 2) has Rumtum weaving in thumping bass, harp and a vocal sample that sounds like it was ripped straight out of a hip-hop track.  There are honestly probably too many good beat-makers out there, but Rumtum’s Beat Tapes are definitely worth the time.

Rumtum- Beat Tape 1:


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