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Experimental beat-makers aren’t exactly hard to find these days with soundcloud having emerged as a perfect platform for producers of all ages and styles, so it’s all the more special when I hear a beat that sounds like it’s coming out of nowhere.  Yoshiba 87, a project of  22-year old Pascal Terstappen, made one of those tracks with his latest leak ‘You’re the Best Thing Ever’.  On the track, Terstappen chops up vocals from Dutch singer Pien Feith and uses them to create an irresistibly dark and stuttering beat.  What makes the track so unique is how it never really settles into a conventional groove as Terstappen keeps everything chaotic and messy throughout.  ‘You’re the Best Thing Ever’ is the first track to drop from his upcoming release Beaming Flowers From India… listen to more over at his soundcloud.


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