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The Up-Turn

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If you are ever looking for fresh new sounds and styles in hip-hop production, the best place to look (other than here) is probably the growing Soundcloud community.  One of these artists pushing the envelope in a beautiful way is Philadelphia producer Knxwledge.  In this song, Knxwledge. takes a 90’s RnB classic (Monica’s “Before You Walk Out Of My Life”) and uses it as a medium with which to experiment with hip-hop grooves and sampling.  Knxwledge backs Monica’s nostalgic-sounding three-part harmonies with a skillfully manipulated piano sample, and a shuffling drum part that you can’t help but bob your head to.  “ikanluvyew[dntwlkowttamylife]” is taken from Knxwledge.’s recent EP Hexual.Sealings.Vol.2 which you can purchase, along with numerous other boom bap adventures, at his bandcamp page.


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