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Parisian beat-maker Mister Bibal just dropped his Failure LP on Trueflav Records which is shaping up to be one of hip-hop’s biggest sleeper-hits of the year.  Over the album’s 17 tracks Mister Bibal demonstrates some incredible beat-making talent as he experiments with and refines his noisy, shuffling sound.  Although the beats are intended to provide a backdrop for the features to shape the tracks with their verses, the instrumentals manage to consistently outshine the verses.  It’s not that the guest MC’s aren’t pulling their own weight, they just allow Bibal’s beats to do most of the actual talking which makes the songs sound more like an artistic collaboration instead of the typical producer/rapper relationship.  As he transitions from buzzing bass hits to squelching, glitched-out synths Bibal manages to maintain a strong sound that is gorgeous and all his own.  Stream Failure below…


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