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Although I probably should have posted this guy months ago, I’ve boarded the xxyyxx bandwagon and can’t get enough of his dark, looping music.  xxyyxx is the project of Orlando native Marcel Everett who is another one of the many incredibly talented teenage artists taking over the blogosphere.  Everett’s music is incredibly atmospheric and ranges from soundcloud tags of hopewave to gloomstep.  On his tracks, Everett loops and manipulates recognizable samples until they are completely his own.  ‘LUV U GRL’ has Everett taking from ‘Birthday Sex’ and he somehow manages to pull it off.

xxyyxx- LUV U GRL:

xxyyxx is building up a great collection of tracks with Relief in Abstract including a split EP with label-mate Ruddyp.  It is impressive how xxyyxx has cemented a solid sound given how many sample-based producers we have these days.  He is also hinting that there may be an album coming soon so I’ll definitely watch out for that.  Check out his facebook and twitter and download his Ruddyp Split EP below.

xxyyxx- Never Leave:

Download: Ruddyp Split EP


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