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BBNGLIVE 2, the second entry in BADBADNOTGOOD’s live catalog, has the jazz trio taking on some familiar and newer tunes.  The release is only 6 tracks long and most notably finds the band covering British dub-stepper James Blake.  The nine minute long ‘CMYK / Limit to Your Love’ is definitely one of the most interesting songs the group has taken on and it doesn’t disappoint.  Other staples of the BBNG lineup are not missing so anyone looking for another version of their takes on ‘Hard in Da Paint’ or ‘Bastard / Lemonade’ will get their fix.  They’ve also announced that BBNG 2, the proper follow up to BBNG, will be dropping in March.  The band has been covering some Dilla lately so hopefully some of that will land on the album.

Download: BBNGLIVE 2


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