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There are many big bands with names that are pretty unsearchable on google (Girls, Cults, Real Estate etc.) and then there are really small artists that are easily found just because of the uniqueness of their name: Tako Tomago is one of those bands.  Taking his name from Japanese octopus and sweet egg sushi, Tako Tomago is a producer with a dynamic sense of composition that he shows off incredibly well in his release Hydro.

Tako Tomago- Faded Denim:

Tako Tomago is one of my favorite types of artists to find.  He is bursting with talent and fresh enough that he doesn’t know exactly how to contain all his ideas.  The result is an EP filled with spastic and dynamic tracks that bounce from one catchy-hook to the next while his own singing and samples fade in and out.  The entire release falls just under 20 minutes which is the perfect amount of time for Tako Tomago to show off all the talent he has to offer.  Download Hydro below and check out more at his soundcloud and tumblr.

Download: Hyrdo


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