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The Up-Turn

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Alright so I may have only posted a stream for this exact song a few days ago but I’ve finally tracked down and mp3 and considering how much I’ve been listening to the track I felt it necessary that I make a new post.  When I first posted up this track I mentioned how I couldn’t stop listening to it and since I wrote that I haven’t been able to put the track down.  I’ve listened to these two brits lay down their amazing verses and each time I still find new things to appreciate about their rhymes and flow.  There is not a single word wasted in this track.  The track has plenty of witty wordplay: “she don’t wanna fuck, she just wanna kiss me, cause she knows my kisses intense like a gypsy,” “tell Stevie I don’t wonder,” etc while still managing to aim for grander themes: “takes a mouth to apologize and a man to forgive him.” I don’t know much about Jesse James (@jesstafariah) or Crave (@CakeSoapCrave) but the amount of talent they display in ‘Trashy’ is worth two posts.

mp3: Jesse James and Crave- Trashy


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