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You win indie-bands.  I am tired of saying “I know the blogosphere is filled with poppy/lo-fi bands like this but ‘___‘ have their own unique take on the sound which is worthy of attention.” I’m just going to give in and admit that we will probably never have too many bands making jangly/catchy rock tunes.  Literature is the latest band to win me over with a sound that lies somewhere comfortably in between Smith Westerns and early Shins without sounding too much like either.  Arab Spring is filled with 10 pop jams that never go over the 3-minute mark and each with it’s own memorable hook.  The lyrics are appropriately light-hearted as topics range from push up bras to orange juice.  Even in the song ’14 Seconds’ as they sing “gotta know which wire to cut, cause if I don’t honey you’ll blow up,” they still manage to keep a fun attitude.  Sure it’s not the most ambitious album but that’s not really the point.  Stream Arab Spring below and download for free over at their bandcamp


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