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I honestly try to read every email that comes our way, however, I’ve more recently let a lot slip through the cracks.  In my recent cleaning out my gmail mess I discovered Will C, heRobust and now Caves.  Caves is the project of Luka Cage who is releasing an EP on the 21st with Absent Fever.  I’ve been a fan of Absent Fever for a while so I was pretty embarrassed to see how I had ignored their email until now, my embarrassment only increased when I heard just how good the stuff they sent was.  Caves is not a reverb-heavy/bedroom artist that the name might suggest.  Instead, Caves produces tracks that have just as much rock as they do sample-based goodness.  The vocals definitely have the same sort of swagger as The Black Keys, I just happen to like Caves a 1000 times more. When You Were Partying, I Was Dying is filled with great tracks like ‘1993’ so look out for it soon.  Download below [right click save-as via]

mp3: Caves- 1993


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