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After releasing some pretty stellar tracks towards the end of last year, GPSYMTH just put out this full-length Ripostes.  Although at face value it may be easy to lump GPYSMTH in with the vanilla dream-pop sounds of Washed Out, Ripostes shows that he is willing to experiment outside of all the warm haze and reverb.  The over 6-minute ‘Dover’ has a drone/ambient aspect to it that could have passed as an instrumental for Panda Bear’s 2011 Tomboy and ‘Bethel’ wouldn’t have been out of place on Tim Hecker’s deconstructionist Ravedeath, 1972.  I’m glad to see GPSYMTH carve out his own niche in the over-crowded blogosphere of artists making lo-fi/reverby bedroom-pop.  Stream Ripostes below and check out more at his bandcamp


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