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Of all the things electronic producers can do to distinguish themselves from the mass of other artists these days, simply having a huge amount of talent and being able to show that off works best.  While his unique name might already do the job, Tortilla Pass has talent… a lot of it.  On his song ‘Luna Tribe’, Tortilla Pass pulls sounds from Indian music that don’t go the glitched-out and blissful route of Gold Panda’s ‘You’ but are layered on much more delicately and create an all around chiller and warmer vibe.

Tortilla Pass- Luna Tribe:

Beyond that track, Tortilla Pass has a huge amount of beats on his soundcloud and even two releases on his bandcamp that have earned him a strong following.  His sound is hard to pin down as he experiments with all sorts of samples and styles, creating stunning pieces almost every time.  Stream his EP Aura Maura below…



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