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Sounding like the perfect counter-point to Best Coast’s bright lo-fi pop, Trends bring some seriously impressive lo-fi atmosphere with their track ‘B.A.M. (Trip)’.  The track floats on top of a stumbling bass-line as the haunting vocals of frontwoman Marina Paiz detail nighttime imagery that couldn’t be farther away from the sunny California dominated lyrics of Best Coast (it’s nearly impossible for me not to compare the two).  Even though lo-fi pop hasn’t been the trendiest (see what I did there?) genre as of late, Trends do a pretty stellar job distinguishing themselves from the crowd.  Their bandcamp release, The Demos, has 4 messy tracks that each explore a dark and atmospheric side of lo-fi that is pretty refreshing… they even do some shredding on the track ‘Sublime/Punk’.  Stream ‘B.A.M. (Trip)’ below and check out more of their music here


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