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We’ve been following Cleveland rapper NicX for a while now as he dropped singles and a mixtape with his friend Mike Art last year.  Through all his releases this one has been his greatest undertaking, he’s been hyping it up for a long time and today he has finally dropped NicXNation.  Even if we weren’t in contact with NicX it would still be clear that the rapper put a lot of time into the release.  From the opening track all the way through the 22nd, NicXNation is bursting with ambition.  It is clear that NicX has amazing commitment and technical skill behind him that deserve to earn him some recognition.  After such a huge release I don’t blame NicX if he wants to take a long break from recording, however, we’d be excited to hear what NicX has to offer next.  He can only go up from here.

Mixtape: NicX- NicXNation


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