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The Up-Turn

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After making more of a name for himself out in New York with his ASAP friends, Spaceghostpurrp returned to Miami, and as shown by this video, his homecoming show was glorious.  If you only know Spaceghostpurrp for his instant classic “Suck A Nigga Dick For 2011”, you may still think of Spaceghostpurrp as a Soulja Boy-ish murderer of “real hip-hop”, but if you watch this video, you will see that Spaceghostpurrp is a clear supporter of what you may think of as the “golden age” of hip-hop.  For this performance of “The Black God” Spaceghostpurrp channeled the essence of 90’s gangsta rap for one of the most exciting performances I’ve seen on youtube in a while.


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