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Ever since I wrote my first extremely enthusiastic post about Archy Marshall (Now King Krule, back then Zoo Kid) I have secretly been a huge stan of the 17 year old pizza-eating (as proven by the above photo) youth.  This weekend when I was unfortunately and to my great disappointment unable to see King Krule live at Terminal 5, I drowned my sorrows by scouring the web for more music from Archy Marshall.  Although unknown to many, Archy Marshall has put out a large amount of fairly experimental music on the internet under the name DJ JD Sports, so I am using this post to compile some of my favorite DJ JD Sports songs from his bandcamp and soundcloud pages.  Below you can listen to his own remix of his incredible song “Out Getting Ribs” aptly titled “Out Getting Cribs” and you can hit the jump if you would like to join me on the rest of the journey to hear many great things such as Archy Marshall’s abilities as an MC and beat maker.



A short and dusty hip-hop beat that sounds like a throwback to some 90’s London rap.


Another dusty rap beat (this time by UK producer Lean Sam) which starts out with a verse from I am assuming a friend of Archy’s named Rago, and then finishes up with a fantastically laid back verse from the man himself with lyrics better than 99% of rappers who try to be lyrical.


“The octopus”

A short, quirky, and synth-laden track that may sound more familiar to King Krule listeners.


“Flailing Out Of Place”

This one is actually from Archy’s King Krule bandcamp page, but I think it is also pretty low-profile and deserves more recognition.  It is a remix of Radioheads track “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” which is driven by some dubby drums and eventually breaks down into a storm of pulsing synth.

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