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The Up-Turn

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When it comes to hip-hop, I am rarely sold on an artist after listening to only a few seconds of a track.  Yet, Young Fathers managed to win me over from just the opening of there track ‘Rumbling’.  Backed by a dark, bass-driven beat, Young Fathers craft their own crazed world that collapses into a twisted dance at 0:31.

As I listened to more material from their mixtape, Tape One, I became more disoriented with the incredible amount of genres that the band pulls from.  To name just a few: opening tracks ‘Deadline’ and ‘Sister’ show off ties to African music and ‘Romance’ draws from reggae.  Their willingness and consistency as they experiment with tracks reminds me of Shabazz Palaces although they are sonically distinct.  What is most exciting about Young Fathers is that I have no clue what sounds or ideas they will pursue and I’m psyched to hear what they have in store for 2012.  Visit their bandcamp, like their facebook.


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