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If you were wise enough to download Vince Staples’ recent mixtape Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1, you may have noticed that a few of the tracks weren’t by Vince at all.  One of these tracks was by SK Laflare (also known as THE TRAP LEGEND SK LAFLARE).  Although Laflare only delivers about 8 bars over the wonderfully simple beat provided by Raider Klan rep Key Nyata, something about the track has me hooked.  I can’t really find out much about LaFlare with the usual google search, and can find absolutely no other music from him, but I guess that (probably unintentional) sense of mystery has me even more excited.  The track ends with a short Pharrell-esque rant from Michael Uzowuru,consisting of the usual braggadocio that us rap fans are used to, about how great SK Laflare is, and I kind of believe it.


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