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Over the past few months Vince Staples has secured himself as much more than just a rapper sort of affiliated with Odd Future.  Rapping over some of fantastic beats from Michael Uzowuru and spitting out some amazing lyrics, Vince Staples has earned his spot as a young force in hip-hop.  After being floored by tracks like ‘Gold Chain Ricky’ and ‘Martin Ruger King’ I went back to some older tracks Staples was featured on (‘Lunchbox’, ‘epaR’…) and realized: this guy has always been good and I should probably jump on the bandwagon as quickly as I can before he gets too popular so that I can tell people I was into him before he was being featured on Kanye West tracks and feel satisfied with my hipster life.  Of course, Terry has always been conscious of how good Staples is… but he is nordic skiing in New Hampshire right now and has left the duty of posting this mixtape to me.  I have been incredibly hyped for this mixtape when he dropped the date at the end of the video on ‘Queenzbridge Zoo’ and although I still have an estimated 8-minute wait until I have officially downloaded this mixtape I’m confident it’s going to be good.  Download below.

Mixtape: Vince Staples- Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1


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