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Even without an album cover of two naked dudes or two dudes casually making out, Summer of Punishment is the latest project of Milwaukee natives Sat. Nite Duets which is set to release sometime in February next year (Dear Sat. Nite Duets, my birthday is on February 14th just in case you were wondering… it’s also Valentine’s Day and what better gift to give your valentine than a Sat. Nite Duets vinyl?).  Sat. Nite Duets always have had a knack for dropping philosophy on us and ‘Way Behind My Age Group’ is no different.  “There are things I believe, like that every girl is really mean/ and that moms will cry, if and when their sons do weird drugs” opens Andy in one of the more memorable lyrics of their career.  The rest of the song is classic Sat. Nite Duets with more witty lyrics, Pavement-esque guitar work and other general awesomeness.  Stream below and download here


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