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It’s not surprising that a song called ‘Rotten Decay’ will be dark.  BADBADNOTGOOD describes the song themselves saying “This is some dark shit so make sure you are ready for it stay positive be creative anything is possible generation.” With all the cover material that they put out, it can be easy to forget that BADBADNOTGOOD have original material that is just as great as the material they cover.  ‘Rotten Decay’ is one of the best examples of this.  The song starts very loose with not much structure and a lot of minor chords.  Over it’s 6-minute course it builds up, collapses again and has some killer solos.  Along with this release BADBADNOTGOOD have promised to be releasing even more new material soon.  Stream and download ‘Rotten Decay’ below along with a bonus ‘Hard in da Paint’…

mp3: BADBADNOTGOOD- Rotten Decay


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