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The Up-Turn

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Ahnnu is an illusive producer who makes some of the most beautifully drugged out remixes and soundscapes you will hear. All I’ve really been able to find out about him is that he is from the Richmond, Virginia area, but that’s probably a good thing because Ahnnu’s music is definitely good enough to stand by itself without being connected to a certain image or trend.  Above, in his remix of Gucci Mane’s classically iced-out anthem “Stupid” Ahnnu arranges an array of unidentifiable samples with boom-bap drums into a gritty but sunny-sounding beat.  Other than that, Ahnnu’s bandcamp and soundcloud pages are littered with some of the most ambitiously experimental beat crafting you can find anywhere.  Below, you can stream his mind-fucking Subcity Radio mix and then below that you can link to his website to explore some more for yourself.



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