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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Over the past few months Vince Staples has secured himself as much more than just a rapper sort of affiliated with Odd Future.  Rapping over some of fantastic beats from Michael Uzowuru and spitting out some amazing lyrics, Vince Staples has earned his spot as a young force in hip-hop.  After being floored by tracks like ‘Gold Chain Ricky’ and ‘Martin Ruger King’ I went back to some older tracks Staples was featured on (‘Lunchbox’, ‘epaR’…) and realized: this guy has always been good and I should probably jump on the bandwagon as quickly as I can before he gets too popular so that I can tell people I was into him before he was being featured on Kanye West tracks and feel satisfied with my hipster life.  Of course, Terry has always been conscious of how good Staples is… but he is nordic skiing in New Hampshire right now and has left the duty of posting this mixtape to me.  I have been incredibly hyped for this mixtape when he dropped the date at the end of the video on ‘Queenzbridge Zoo’ and although I still have an estimated 8-minute wait until I have officially downloaded this mixtape I’m confident it’s going to be good.  Download below.

Mixtape: Vince Staples- Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1


I am in Florida right now with some manatee so to the 15 or so concerned readers out there posts will probably be slow for the next few days.  Luckily Ra Cailum has decided to drop a few stunners before the end of 2011 to give us all something new to listen to.  In typical Ra Cailum fashion, ‘Let Me’ is a dynamic and glitchy track driven by vocal samples and constant shifts in tempo.  In the words of some dude who commented on the song, “no idea why your giving this one away. this is pay worthy for sure my man!” Stream and download below and check out his soundcloud for the very awesome and very free track ‘Palinopsia’…


Featuring not much more than a girl hanging out in a field, this clip for Hollow Pigeons‘ ‘1996’ perfectly captures the dreamy/lustful mood of the track.  Bogdan Mocoviciuc did an amazing job editing the clip and many visual ques match up perfectly with the audio of the track.  What is most exciting about this is that people are clearly taking notice of Hollow Pigeons and hopefully this is one of many great original videos to come.


If you haven’t already heard, 2009’s favorite Brit-pop band are back in the studio recording a follow-up to their extremely successful and critically acclaimed debut.  Somewhere in the midst of recording the new album, which everyone seems to be saying is going to be really house-influenced because of one comment which has probably been blown completely out of proportion, the band put together this track, which will most likely not make its way onto the album.  “Open Eyes” is a beautifully haunting and delicate guitar-and-vocal track.  This track is only a demo, so maybe a mastered version would sound different, but if this is any indication of the new album’s aesthetic, The xx are sticking with the haunting echo of their debut LP.  The xx kindly are offering up this demo for free download which you can link to below…



2011 has presented the hardest time for me to narrow down my favorite albums into a top 10.  For the first time I genuinely have listened to and liked enough albums to make a list much larger than 10 but the process has made me really decide which albums I liked the best.  Among the many honorable mentions include: Danny Brown- XXX, Tim Hecker- Ravedeath, 1979, Iceage- New Brigade,  The War on Drugs- Slave Ambient and Thurston Moore- Demolished Thoughts.  Hit the jump to read my top 10 albums of 2011.

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Check out our top 10 songs of 2011 after the jump.

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2011 has been an awesome year and it was hard to narrow down our favorite tracks to only 50.  After the jump is our unnumbered list of our favorite tracks from 50-11, look out for our numbered top 10 tomorrow.

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