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The Up-Turn

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I am not a fan of the new trend for musicians to name their projects random numbers, symbols or in other odd manners (oOoOO, tUnE-yArDs etc.).  However, the hype and talent behind the mysterious The Log.OS project is hard to ignore.  These past two years have given some great revolutions to the stagnant r&b genre with The Weeknd and Frank Ocean dominating blogs and the charts, however, The Log.OS’ take and use of the genre is even more alluring.  The Log.OS lace their music with splashes of bass, atmosphere, jazz and electronics without ever abusing the reverb effect.  It’s hard to compare their music to anything really, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Log.OS have listened to SBTRKT, Flying Lotus or even The xx.  The vocals on some of these tracks are really stunning and are one of most distinctive parts of their style.  Download the album below…

Download: The Log.OS- λόγος


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