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Shlohmo has had a lot of success this year with his fantastic album Bad Vibes, and although its hard to tell from the incredible care Bad Vibes is crafted with, Shlohmo has only been making music for three years.  In 2009, Shlohmo, then 19, put out his first release, the Shlo-Fi EP.  Now, the EP is being re-mastered and paired with five brand new remixes to be released on Error Broadcast.  Although the Shlo-Fi EP and Bad Vibes can be considered to be in the same vain of electronic music, they do differ a fair amount stylistically.  The Shlo-Fi EP lacks the decaying guitar musings and accidental-sounding rhythms found throughout Bad Vibes, but is instead much more atmospheric and less melody-driven.  If you are looking for reverb-drenched sampled glory, this EP is for you.  Link to stream below via The Fader.



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