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My first introduction to the work of ZU was his production on the latest NicX leak ‘Boy With the Jordans’.  Realizing how good the production was on the track, I looked him up and was surprised to see that he is a 17 year old from Aukland, New Zealand who produces and even raps.

The sheer mass of ZU’s work is incredibly impressive.  Over two soundcloud and two youtube accounts, ZU has released a huge amount of beats and raps that show off some serious talent and dedication to releasing music.  On the 10th ZU also dropped an EP entitled Look Book: Side A on his bandcamp adding some of the strongest material to his collection.  Considering how little music I hear coming out of New Zealand, ZU comes from a unique background that gives his work a distinctive influence.  At the age of just 17, ZU has developed an impressive talent for producing and rapping and I’m confident he’ll only improve both crafts as he continues to release music.


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